Pink Vanilla Candy Floss
Pink Vanilla Candy Floss

Pink Vanilla Candy Floss

Pink Vanilla Candy Floss

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Angel Floss is all about the floss! Indulge in the whimsical sweetness of our Pink Vanilla Candy Floss, a delightful treat that transforms ordinary moments into a carnival of flavour. Each ethereal strand captures the essence of classic candy floss, spun to perfection with a classic pink hue and flavoured with vanilla. Experience the light, airy texture as it magically melts on your tongue, releasing a cloud of sugary nostalgia. Perfect for creating magical memories or adding a touch of sweetness to any occasion, our Pink Vanilla Candy Floss is a delightful confection that brings joy and delight with every delectable bite. Elevate your sweet moments with this enchanting pink cloud of pure indulgence!

Please note, although the ingredients in our mixes may be Vegan or Gluten Free, due to the environment of our workplace we
cannot guarantee the absence of allergens. Our items are packed in a workplace that also supplies nut based products.

We offer specific mixes to cater for certain dietary requirements.  If you require more information regarding
ingredients or allergens, please email:

Occasionally mixes may vary slightly due to stock levels and/or new arrivals. Any sweet that is swapped out will be either replaced with more of the other sweets in the mix or a very similar type of sweet.

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